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In line with progress 2012 sgavemas import and export plc has established agricultural commodities exported to global market like whitish sesame seed humera type wolega type, soya beans, nuts, Niger seed, greenmung,white beans and red speckled beans we purchase the above agriculture products from ECX then we clear it with modern cleaning machine than after deliver to our clients and generating foreign currency for our country.

Real Estate

Our company has grown to diversity that business in different sectors in 2012 joined real states sectors and mixed use apartment which is located at the heart of sarbet and wollosefer where many people desire and dream to live it is designed with an extraordinary looks the mixed use apartment which is located at mecharemeda conveniently designed and dedicated for amenities such as bank ,shop ,cafe ,supermarket   residents will experience an integrated life style from the comfort of their homes


we produce pvc materials that could be used for plastic shoes and pipe material like pvc  crystal or  beredowe produce using good and modern machine it has

Preferablequality and then distribute to our clients!


SG avemasenaged in importing raw materials such as PP raffia filler master batch, ink, thinner, Dop, pvc,stabilized,  we import the above materials four own consumption as well to distribute for local market

Our products successfully developing market and well known by customers our unique and high quality made us to be chosen!

About Us

SG pp bags factory was established in 2009 since the country economy is based on agriculture the requirement of pp bags is so wide by taking this in to consideration we engaged in the production of pp bags in oromiya burayhu tatek industry zone we produce 24/7 in different bags size according to customer needs rolles for markets and for exporters currently the production capacity of this factory is 75,000 meter per hour .we have created job opportunities for more than 300 employees on permanent base .






Since its establishment, SG Avemas has been showing a radical change and fast economic growth.

This remarkable achievement came by staff and management strong effort. Let’s see how sSG Avemas has grown in the past 3 years.


Year    Exported product by m/t        Rank in the country

2015                        27,341 m/t                                        3rd

2016                        35,302 m/t                                       2nd

2017                        38,069 m/t                                       1st



SG Avemas export its product in different continent such as Europe, Asia, Australia and South America, Africa and USA


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